Fatty Acids in Cell Signaling meeting 2013

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"Was nutzen Omega-3-Fettsäuren wirklich?"




11. FACS meeting:
PUFA for a lifetime
June 15. – 17, 2013

Gunter P. Eckert (Frankfurt, Germany)
Jan Glatz (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Michel Lagarde (Lyon, France)
Francesco Visioli (Madrid, Spain)

Goethe University Frankfurt
Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften
Am Wingertsberg 4
61348 Bad Homburg

Up-Date June, 10

Program in a glance:

The 11th Fatty Acids in Cell Signaling meeting aims at highlighting the impact of polyunsaturated fatty acids in human health throughout the whole lifespan. Renowned experts in the field will highlight emerging topics in seven age-related sessions and four plenary lectures. The 11th FACS meeting will continue a series of expert meetings that greatly advanced our understanding of the role of fatty acids in human health.

Saturday, June, 15, 2013:
5:00 pm Welcome
6:00 pm Introductory plenary lecture (Session A)
7:00 pm Reception

Sunday, June, 16, 2013:
09:00 am - 10:00 am   From pregnancy to adolescence (Session B)
10:00 am- 12:30 pm   Metabolism, brain aging, and neurodegeneration I (Session C),  including coffee break
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Lunch
01:30 pm - 03:30 pmMetabolism, brain aging, and neurodegenerations II (Session D), including coffee break
03:30 pm – 5:00 pm Obesity and cardiovascular diseases I (Session E)
07:00 pm Conference Dinner (Orangerie)

Monday, June, 17; 2013:
09:00 am – 12:00 pm Obesity and cardiovascular diseases II (Session F),including coffee break
12:00 pm – 12:15 pm
Concluding remarks
12:30 pm Press conferenc


Saturday, 06/15/13
In commemoration of Alex Leaf

06:00 pm "Fatty acids in cell signaling - where do we stand and where should we go"- Jan Glatz, Maastricht

Sunday, 06/16/13
Session B. FROM PREGNANCY TO ADOLESCENCE (Chair: Stephen Cunnane, Quebec)
Fertilization, development, cognition

09:00 am „The use of Omega-3-fatty acids in optimzing the conditions for nidation and implanting of the fertilized egg“ - Sebastian Pfeiffer, Benrath

09:30 am “Omega-3 LC-PUFA for child behaviour and cognition: implications for ADHD and related conditions, and the general population'” - Alexandra Richardson, Oxford

Session C:  ADULTS & DISEASE (Chair:  Hee-Yong Kim, Bethesda)
Metabolism, brain aging, and neurodegenerations I

10:00 am “DHA benefit for adult brain and in aging” - Norman Salem, Columbia

10:30 -11:00 Coffee break

11:00 am „Medium chain fatty acids – forgotten but key ketogenic substrates in brain    development, aging and evolution“ - Stephen Cunnane, Quebec

11:30 am “Biological properties of a DHA-containing structured phospholipid to target the brain” - Michel Lagarde, Lyon

12:00 pm “Low levels of eicosapentaenoic acid in brain phospholipids are maintained by   multiple redundant mechanisms” - Richard Bazinet, Toronto 

12:30 – 01:30 pm Lunch break

Session  D. ADULTS & DISEASE (Chair: Richard Bazinet, Toronto)
Metabolism, brain aging, and neurodegenerations II

01:30 pm “PUFA improve mitochondrial function in the brain – impact for neurodegeneration” - Gunter Eckert, Frankfurt

02:00 pm “Mechanistic insight for DHA-derived neurodevelopment and neuroprotection.” - Hee-Yong Kim, Bethesda

02:30 pm „Cerebral blood flow in a mouse model of AD. Effects of nutrition.“ - Amanda Kiliaan, Njimwegen

03:00 - 3:30 pm Coffee break

 Session E. ADULTS & DISEASE (Chair: Jan Kopeky, Prague )
Obesity and cardiovascular diseases I

03:30 pm „Omega-3 fatty acids in cardiovascular disease - an uphill battle“ - Clemens von Schacky, München

04:00 pm „Interaction between fatty acids and inflammatory stressors in relation to metabolic health“ - Helen Roche, Dublin

04:30 pm “Anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory actions of a novel marine oil” - Terje Larsen, Tromsø

07:00 pm Congress dinner (for all participants and attendees) – Orangerie in the Spa Gardens130606 FINAL PROGRAM FACS2013 meeting.pdf

Monday, 06/17/13

Session E. ADULTS & DISEASE (Chair: Clemens von Schacky, Munich)
Obesity and cardiovascular diseases II

09:00 am “Molecular targets of omega 3 fatty acids - an update” - Francesco Visioli, Madrid

09:30 am “Effects of Omega-3 as phospholipids in mouse model of metabolic syndrome” - Jan Kopecky, Prague 

10:00 am „Can Resolvins reduce atherosclerosis and decrease plaque vulnerability?“ - James Hamilton, Boston

10:30 – 11:00 am Coffee break

11:00 am “Lipid signalling in adipose tissue macrophage polarisation: connecting inflammation & metabolism” - Mojgan Masoodi, Lausanne 

11:30 am “Fatty acids in acute respiratory distress syndrome - modulating remote injury” - Konstantin Mayer, Gießen

12:00 pm Concluding remarks and departure

12:30 pm Press conference

Richard Bazinet, Toronto; Stephen Cunnane, Quebec; Gunter P. Eckert, Frankfurt; Francesco Visioli, Madrid; Jan Glatz, Maastricht; Jim Hamilton, Boston; Amanda Kiliaan, Nijmegen; Jan Kopecky, Prague; Hee-Yong Kim, Bethesda; Michel Lagarde, Lyon; Terje Larsen, Tromsø; Konstantin Mayer, Gießen; Mojgan Masoodi, Lausanne; Sebastian Pfeiffer, Benrath; Alexandra Richardson, Oxford; Helen Roche, Dublin; Clemens von Schacky, Munich; Norman Salem, Columbia 

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