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Gunter P. Eckert studied food-chemistry and environmental toxicology and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. He is a trained pharmacologist and works since many years in the area of nutrition based prevention and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases. He was granted  the venia legendi for pharmacology & toxicology after his habilitation at Goethe-University in Frankfurt, where he was awarded with the title „außerplanmäßiger Professor“ (Apl.-Prof.) before he was appointed as full-professor for nutrition in prevention & therapy at the institute for nutritional silences at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. As food-chemist and pharmacologist Prof. Eckert is working at the interface of nutrition and pharma. Together with an in-depth knowledge in toxicology his expertise allows him the competent assessment of food and its differentiation from drugs. 


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Gunter P. Eckert, Ph.D.
Food-chemist & Pharmacologist
Full-professor for nutrition in prevention & therapy 

Dr. Gunter Peter Eckert (*June 4, 1969 in Worms, Germany) is full-professor for nutrition in prevention & therapy at the department for nutritional siences at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Prof. Eckert has more than 15 years of experience in the field of pharmacology and food-sciences. He looks back to more than 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is editor of the different journals including, Neurochemical Research, and PharmaNutrition. As food-chemist and pharmacologist Dr. Eckert is working at the interface of nutrition and pharma. Together with an in-depth knowledge in toxicology his expertise allows the competent assessment of food and its differentiation from drugs.  As post-doctoral fellow he spent some time in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Minneapolis, USA. After five years in job training as pharmacologist the occupational title “Fachpharmakologe DGPT” was granted to him in 2006. After his habilitation in 2009 the title „Privatdozent“ and in 2015 the title „Apl.-Professor“ were granted to him as well.  In 2016 he was appointed by the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen as  full-professor for nutrition in prevention & therapy.  The main focus of his research activities lies on biochemical mechanisms of aging and age related neurodegenerative diseases with focus on mitochondria. One main goal of the research is the modulation of aging processes by food-based prevention and pharmacological intervention with focus on natural products. Prof. Eckert earned a state exam in food-chemistry at the University of Kaiserslautern and a Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) at the Goethe-University in Germany.

Positions and Honors

1989 - 1993  School of Food-Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology, Dept. Chemistry, Univ. of Kaiserslautern, Germany, MS
1992 Trainee, Food Technology Research Inst., Bursa, Turkey
1994 Assistant, Eckes & Granini GmbH, Nieder-Olm, Germany
1995 Assistant, Chemical Research Institute, Speyer, Germany 

1995 - 1997  Ph.D.-Student, Central Institute of Mental Health, Dept. Psychopharmacology, Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, School of Medicine, Germany.
1997 - 2000  Ph.D.-Student, Dept. Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt, Ph.D., magna cum laude 
2001-2006    advanced training in Pharmacology, granting of the occupational title “Fachpharmakologe DGPT”
2009            Habilitation and granting of the title "Privatdozent" (Assoc. Professor)
2015            Granting of the title „außerplanmäßiger Professor“

1995 Food-Chemist, Eckert GmbH, Osthofen, Germany
1997 - 2000 Assistant, Department of Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt
2000 Postdoctoral fellow, Neuroscience Laboratory Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brasil
2001 Postdoctoral fellow, Geriatric Research, Education and Evaluation, VA Mediclal Center, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Minneapolis MN, USA 
2000 - 2002  Hochschulassistent, Biocenter, Department of Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt, Germany
2002 Appointment as 'Akademischer Rat' (permanent position), Department of Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt
2007-2016 'Akademischer Oberrat' (permanent position), Department of Pharmacology, University of Frankfurt
since April 2016 Full-Professor for Nutrition in Prevention & Therapy, Faculty 09 - Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Environmental Management, Institute for Nutritional Sciences, University of Giessen

Award of the 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Neuropsycho-pharmakologie und Pharmakopsychiatrie' (AGNP), 2000
MADAUS -Award 'Phyto-Innovation', 2003
AGNP 'Preis für Forschungs- und Kongreßreisen', 2003
Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V. Reserach Award 2014

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE), Germany
Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft (DPhG), Germany
Deutsche Gesellschaft für klinische und experimentelle Pharmakologie und Toxikologie (DGPT), Germany

International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN), USA
International Society of Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR), Australia
Mitochondrial Physiologiy Society (MiP), Austria
Society for Neuroscience (SFN), USA


Frontiers in Pharamcology/Ethnopharmacology
The Journal of Alzheimer`s disease
Neurochemical ReserachProstaglandins, Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids (guest editor)
Revista de Psyipuiatria Clinica (Brasil)
Nutr Food Sci J

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